Happy Birthday Mama!

Today is my mom's birthday. Too bad Berto and I had a prior commitment we had to attend to, otherwise we would've probably visited my mom at the cemetery. It has been 14 years since she has passed on and I do miss her terribly.

Grief for a parent's death is a funny thing. It never ever really goes away. It may be lessened by a few notches every year... But it is still there.

Maybe I'll take along Berto and the little girl tomorrow and pay her a visit, maybe even sing her a birthday song... But not before I whisper a sad and heartfelt "I miss you".


We did get to go. The whole family spent a few minutes at the Paraiso Memorial Park. We wanted to light candles for mama but the winds kept blowing it. We joked that it was mama mistaking the candles for birthday candles and she was excited to blow them all off.. We stayed there long enough to pray the rosary then just as we finished it started to rain! Mama's way of saying she misses us too?  =)

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