A few weeks ago, little girl and I were left alone in our house. Berto had some errands to run, L and N had also had engagements of their own. This left Little Girl and me and a house full of pets. I have never been a pet person. I take it from my own mom. We are not really cruel to animals, we are just not too into them. Save for a cat in my childhood (a dirty-yellow stray tabby whom I named Nugget, because of his golden color) I can't remember loving any other pet. Ooops I stand corrected. We do have 2 new cats in our home  and I love them, but that's another story!

Our family has always had dogs. Being a typical Filipino family, we have always employed "Bantay" to guard our home. My sister and dad are the animal lovers in the family. I love them only to play with them while they are still puppies, but don't expect me to care for them... nuh-uh.

Somehow dogs seem to dislike me as much as dislike them. Our current dog Chili actually hides her tail between her legs and whines whenever she sees me, and I swear I've never hurt her ever! So imagine her desperation when one day she found herself under MY care! (evil laugh!)

Anyway, here's how she looked like all day, all forlorn. Keeping constant watch at the gate for L and N to come home...

Lonely Chili Dog

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