Missing in Action... and Stressed Out

It has been a couple of month since I posted a blog entry. I have been suffering from another of my recurring attacks of writer's block and imtoobusynitis... Work and business are taking so much of my time, plus we've switched nannies so fast these past few months that I barely felt their presence in my life.. now, we have no nanny, so nanny duties are divided between Berto and me... and sometimes even Lolo and Ninang are asked to pitch in. Little Girl's school seems in cahoots with the universe in keeping me even more busy with all the homework and projects she has to do...

What keeps me sane though is the thought that independence day is coming soon. What it will bring me and my life is unknown, but I guess it is the unknown and the limitless possibilities it brings is what excites me. After being  in such a safe and predictable environment for the past 15 years, I guess I also deserve a shot at happiness. Now if I can only figure out what to do to achieve that happiness. =)

Meanwhile, Berto is being so supportive about the whole matter. He should be, since I've also supported him in his career shifts... :p

My head is clearing already... Writing really is therapeutic for me!

Hoping to write more soon.

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