We Have New Babies.. 2 of Them!

We have two new babies, feline babies! We got two kitties from my aunt. I have been thinking about getting cats from some time now. Blame it on Jessica Zafra and how she talked about her demanding cats. I have always been more of a cat person than a dog person, plus I’ve been dreaming of getting a pet for the little girl so we can teach her caring, compassion and responsibility. Finally, that dream became a reality when we brought the princesses home.

Here is Princess Snow White, or Snowy. She’s a Himalayan Cat. We got her when she was only barely a month old. She was so small and meek.


 This one is Princess Mulan or Myuli. She’s a Persian Cat. She was a bit older than Snowy when we welcomed her to our home, she was two months old. She was more regal, reserved and slow to trust.


Now they are bigger, prettier and more confident. They now feel they own the house.  After a few “accidents” around the house, they are now fully house broken and know how and when to use their litter box. Snowy now prefers to stay on my dad's chest for naps, and my dad, surprisingly allows her! After those chaotic first days, life with our feline princesses has settled down and the little girl has fully embraced her role as big sister to the kitties =)

Our feline babies

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