Enchanted Farm Cafe

I chanced upon an episode of ETC HQ and they were featuring this quaint cafe selling organic and locally-grown produce. I got very intrigued. Berto and I decided to try it out, yes another foodie adventure for Berto and Kwala! 

The Enchanted Farm Cafe is located at the 2nd floor of 463 Commonwealth Ave, Quezon City. It is very easy to spot since on the ground floor of the building, you will find Human Nature's flagship store. Along Commonwealth, if you are bound towards Fairview it is very near Caltex Gas Station, by the Feria Footbridge. 

According to their facebook page, The Enchanted Farm Cafe is an advocacy cafe, led by Gawad Kalinga Center for Social Innovation, that bridges the Enchanted Farm, through its food and beverage, from Angat, Bulacan to the city market. It aims to raise social awareness by promoting home-grown business innovations that develop industry-competent local products while uplifting the lives of the poor.

The cafe serves naturally-grown local produce from three major sources – (a) The Enchanted Farm in Angat Bulacan, which provides most of the fresh produce and special burger patties on the menu; and (b) existing social enterprises such as Gourmet Keso, Golden Egg, Happy Green, Hamlet, and Kape Maria, who provide both kitchen-use items and off-the-rack products.

Upon entering, we are greeted by warm smiles from the staff. Being first timers, it took us a long time to order, but they were very patient with us, explaining the menu and how they are prepared. I ended up ordering Pinoy Pesto with Lemongrass Chicken. (Give anything with pesto and I'm a happy camper). Berto tried the Enchanted Burger which is 80% veggies and 20% lean pork meat. They also offer All-heart Burgers (100% puso ng saging) and All-meat Burgers (100% lean pork meat) for purists. Everything on their menu is served with fresh salad; the burgers are served with Kamote Fries while pastas are served with 2 pcs of toasted bread. We also ordered Kesong Puti Sticks as a side dish, and it was absolutely yummy, again with salad on the side.

Wooden Tables and Chairs

Cozy Ambiance

The Counter / Kitchen

Pinoy Pesto with Lemongrass Chicken - P150

Enchanted Burger (served with salad and kamote fries) - P120

Kesong Puti Sticks (served with salad) -P80

We tried the Bayani Brew, their own blend of Iced Tea. They had 2 variants, the Purple Leaf (made from Kamote Tops or talbos ng Kamote) and the Lemongrass and Pandan Iced Tea (made from Tanglad and Pandan). We tried both. I wasn't exactly bowled over by the taste, but of the two I prefer the Lemongrass and Pandan Iced Tea (although the crew said that Purple Leaf was their best seller)

Purple Leaf Iced Tea - P35

Lemongrass and Pandan Iced Tea - P35

Enchanted Cafe (2)
All Filipino Iced Tea served in cute "garapons"

They also sold other items made by communities helped and established by GK or Gawad Kalinga like Journals (Jacinto and Lirio), Pillows and Pillow Cases and Ground Coffee of different flavors.

Enchanted Cafe (14)

Enchanted Cafe (18)

Enchanted Cafe (17)

Enchanted Cafe (16)

Enchanted Cafe (15)

Enchanted Cafe (12)

Enchanted Cafe (13)

Enchanted Cafe (11)

Guess what? Food were surprisingly affordable and... delicious!

Berto and Kwala, Happy customers... 


Anonymous said...

the place sounds nice! i wish it was near me so i can visit.

Berto and Kwala said...

Try mo when you're in Manila PM! =)

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