2013: Off To Our New Adventure

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This coming year, Berto and I will be embarking on a new adventure. Well, Berto actually started early this year and I don’t think it’s as big a deal for him as it is for me. Anyway, I will be fulfilling my long-time dream of being a WAHM. After years of ranting and whining, I will finally make that big step away from corporate life. Yep, after three failed attempts (my boss refused to accept it), I’ve finally tendered my resignation.  I went on leave for two weeks, then came in just to leave my resignation letter on my supervisor’s desk and left again. I gave them no choice but to accept it this time.

I have been saying that Accounting is just not for me, and that I only went into this field in obedience to my parents. I have known from day one that it is not for me, but who would believe me when I got good grades, was an academic scholar, and was a consistent dean’s lister. I even graduated top 7 in our whole batch, top 3 in Accountancy. Maybe everybody thought it was just a phase… that I’d eventually get the hang of it.

Good did come out from my foray in accountancy. I gained good friends who eventually became my kumares.  I got into a top notch financial institution, built a career and stayed there since. 

Income was ok, work was manageable. I was content. But when I had my daughter, I realized that there has got to be more to life than just the loooong commute to work and back; than just crunching numbers and computing profit that will never be our own. When my daughter started going to school, the need to be with her became even stronger. My time is so tied up with work (with a promotion came with a mountain-load of responsibility). I’d get home so late, I’d even go to the office during weekends. I couldn’t find the time to study with my baby, to read with her, to practice writing with her. I’d often be too tired and cranky when I get home that my patience would be too short, I’d end up shouting at her when she had a hard time with a certain topic. We’d both go to bed crying, her with frustration, me with embarrassment and disappointment with myself.

Now I decided to take the leap. I will be a Work At Home Mom.

What will I be doing? I always wanted to write. I always wanted to take pictures. I have a few blogs running. I had generated income from blogging before, I can do it more consistently. Working online from home is also a trend nowadays. I can try my hand at that. In fact I already did a few months back.  A big plus is the Photography Business that I have put up with my husband. It started as a hobby, but we have decided to give it our all and we now have our home office, permits and taxes… the whole shebang! Berto will be in-charge of that.

Finances might get tight. We’d be losing our regular income, but Berto and I will make it work. We’ll focus on what matters. We’ll focus on the good stuff…

Maybe I should’ve posted this on my mommy blog. Maybe I would...


A Very Merry Christmas From Us!

How did you guys spend your Christmas? Well how ever you did celebrate this joyous occasion, we hope you had a good one. A very merry Christmas greeting from Berto and Kwala... and the little one!
God bless!

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