Early Valentine’s Day Sweets…and Craziness

The night before Valentine’s Day I suddenly felt a craving for Goldilock’s Choco Rumble. I’ve had this long standing relationship with this delicious pastry. It dates back to when my mom used to buy these goodies for me after we did the weekly marketing. As in I used to eat them every week, but that was back when I was thinner, hehe..  But then I stopped buying them, maybe because I stopped being thin. :p Then one day as I was strolling in the mall with Berto, I chanced upon them again and bought a single piece and from then on, I was hooked again.

choco rumble
Choco Rumble

So last night, I bugged Berto into bringing me to the nearby Goldilock’s shop to get my fix. Sadly, everybody seemed to be thinking of the same thing and the Choco Rumbles were all sold out. So we bought these cute cinnamon rolls called Cinnamon Hugs (P100), Pinipig Polvoron Pack (P50) and Classic Brownies (P21) instead. 

Cinnamon Hugs (2)
Berto's Fave, perfect with coffee! Yum!
Kwala's Fave!
Chocolate Brownies
One of Berto and Kwala's all-time comfort food!

By the way, just a short kwento: 

Outside the Goldilock’s shop, there was this lady who was selling roses. I was ribbing Berto about how he never buys me flowers anymore (actually that’s not true, he bought a beautiful bouquet for my last birthday). So guess what he did, he bought me flowers…. from the sampaguita vendor standing next to the rose lady. Crazy man! Then he wanted to put the lei around my neck while shrieking, parang That’s Entertainment lang! Hahaha! 

So here’s a pic of my Valentine’s Sampaguita Lei with the Rose Lady in the background. 

Sampaguita for me...
Sorry for the crappy photo, taken by my  phone camera

Happy Valentine's Day to my crazy husband! Thanks for being my constant Valentine's Day Date for the past twenty years! I love you!

Berto and Kwala
Berto and Kwala on our wedding day

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

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