Good Meow-ning!


Just sharing a picture of one of our pets at home, our cat Princess Mulan or Myuli for short. We have two cats, Mulan and Snow White, and they have different personalities. They are actually half sisters but just like people, they can be as different as can be. Myuli is not as malambing or affectionate as her sister. She is a bit more aloof. She is content on lying on the couch quietly, you wouldn't even notice her if she doesn't announce her presence with loud meows. Her weakness however are belly rubs. Start rubbing her belly and she lets her guard down and goes into a trance of happiness! Haha..

In this series of pictures, she was initially wary of my taking her picture, but when hubby (not in picture) started to give her a belly rub, she just closed her eyes, stretched belly up and gave up to the happy sensations!

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