Happiness Is A Choice

I met my hubby in high school. Back then, aside from our heights and the fact that we joined the C.A.T., we had very little in common. Our personalities were so different. 

We pursued different fields in college. I went into the science of number crunching while he studied how vehicles and other motors and engines worked.  When we graduated, we started our respective careers. From the time we were in high school until the present time, one thing remained true, for two people who are as different as can be. We are inseparable. He'd make excuses to be with me, and I'd often go on leave just to be with him. We never ran out of stories to tell each other, we never ran out of reasons to laugh. Of course, we never ran out of things to fight over, nothing is too petty for us! haha.. But in the end, after all the shouting and crying subsides, there's still us, and we still love each other and each other's company.

So I guess it was just natural for us to decide to start a business where we can be together all the time. We are both photographers. We studied and we trained and we invested in good equipment, then we set up our photography business. 

So far, it's been so fun. We've pushed each other to be the best we can be and we've discovered things about us that we never even knew existed before! I'd have to say though that working with one's spouse is not without challenges, but at the end of the day, you're still working with your best friend, someone who has only your best interest in mind. 

Thanks hunny Berto for being my happiness and being with me in this journey. There's no looking back. We started late in this game, but as they say, happiness is a choice and it's never too late to pursue it with all our hearts.


kat said...

Awww. this is sweet. What triggered the blog post? Is it your anniversary?

Berto and Kwala said...

Hi Kat! Hahaha, actually we'll be celebrating our 12th anniversary in 2 weeks! senti mode lang.

Plus, I am really happy to get the chance to spend most of my day with him, and we get to work together pa!

Love, love, love!

Thanks for visiting ha!

Roselle Cee Tee said...

And you look good together! As in bagay na bagay! Good luck sa business nyo! Dream ko lang magpa post-nuptial pictorial on our 10th Anniv kaso dyahe hahaha baka matawa lang kami ng matawa ni Lenin :D

Oh, and advance Happy Anniversary!!! Wish you more blissful years of togetherness.

Berto and Kwala said...

Thanks Roselle! Just like you and Lenin, bagay na bagay din ;)

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