Happy Birthday Berto!

I would like to greet my best friend, soul mate, business partner, ex boyfriend, fave travel mate, fellow explorer and partner in crime...  A very happy birthday!  

You have blessed my life with so much joy,  and I thank God everyday for the day you were born.  

I love you Berto Bear! 


Sampling Kenny Roger's Pork Belly Plate


It has been some time since Berto and I ate at Kenny Roger's. Ever since our little girl developed a liking to KFC, it has been the only restaurant we go to whenever we are out. Hubby even joked about growing wings from all the chicken we have been eating. Last weekend, we had an event in the south area and on the way home, we stopped by Festival Mall for dinner and to buy some things for Berto's outing with photographer friends. We decided to try Kenny's Pork Belly Plate.


It costs P235 and is served with your choice of rice, 2 side dishes, pork belly sauce and muffin. Drinks are ordered separately at P45-P50. The serving was generous. There were 3 big slices of the pork belly. I was still sick so I couldn't really taste my food, but Berto said it was very tasty. The pork skin was very crunchy as well, which is great! Too bad they didn't give us another helping of the sauce. They said they already ran out but I doubt it. They did however offer to give us gravy instead but we said no thank you. It's just not the same.


After dinner, I drank my medicines. The yellow ones are for my cough and colds while the red one is Medicol Advance for my severe back pain. =( It has been bothering me for almost three weeks now. At frist,  I thought it's just the usual lower back pain due to physical activities, but massages or rest only provides temporary relief. Now I resort to Ibuprofen to ease the pain. Tsk. Will have to get this checked up once Berto comes back from his trip. 


Midnight Stop at McDonald's

Last night hubby and I got caught in the terrible traffic jam everyone was complaining about.  Being home based for more than six months now, that daily commute from Marikina to Makati is one thing I don't miss.  As much as possible we try our best to avoid the rush hour Yesterday though we had a number of errands to do in the Makati area so we  had no choice. 

The rain started at about 5 pm and it wasn't even that hard, but apparently it was enough to flood all the major thoroughfares of Metro Manila! 

We saw fb posts from friends complaining about the dire state of EDSA so we tried C5. Sadly,  C5 was no different. It took us two hours just to get from Taguig to Libis. 

By the time we got to Libis I had a terrible headache and backache and hubby was suffering from leg cramps.  We were both crabby. We decided to stop by McDonald's for coffee.  There were a lot of people were there too, stranded because of the terrible traffic.  

The freshly brewed coffee helped a lot!  We also ordered a cinnamon roll (P60) and mango crumble muffin (P58) from  McCafe to go with our coffee.

Cinnamon Roll
Mango Crumble Muffin with my favorite brewed coffee

After our short midnight stop, we were recharged and ready to go back on our way. Thanks McDonald's for coming to our rescue and for caring for weary travelers like us.  :) 

Coffee + pastries = smiles!


Canon Powershot N

Just when I was getting inspired to write in my blog again,  I got to know a new gadget.  I immediately felt it was a perfect fit! I attended the 2013 WPPP Photo Congress in the Megatrade Hall of Megamall last weekend.  They had all sorts of booths related to photography and videography.  Major brands like Canon, Sony and Nikon were present. I immediately gravitated towards the huge Canon area.  Having been a Canon user for years, it was only natural for me to visit that brand first.  Hubby and I were looking at the mirrorless EOS M,  a smaller more compact alternative to chunky DSLRs. I really loved the idea of its smaller size and we'd still get to use our lenses!

We were busy fiddling with the EOS M's dials when I noticed the other camera beside it. It was really small and it had a weird square shape.  I was intrigued! I asked the friendly sales assistant about it. He was kind enough to demonstrate the unit's features to me. It is called the Canon Powershot N and apparently it was still very new in the market, just launched a few months ago.

Here are the specs :

Key Features

12.1 megapixel CMOS sensor
8x optical zoom lens (35mm equiv: 28-224mm)
Lens shift image stabilisation
2.8 inch tilting 461k dot LCD touch screen
Built-in Wi-Fi
Full 1080p HD video recording
ISO 80-6400
1cm minimum focusing distance
Creative Shot
2.3 fps continuous shooting
Available in black or white

The camera is really small.  It is not the usual rectangular shape but a very cute square.  In front of the camera are 2 rings, one for the zoom adjustment and the other for the shutter.  You may adjust our shoot either thru the top or bottom side.  So you can actually hold the camera either which way, and you still won't have upside down pictures.

Compact body, dual rings, square shape

LCD tilts up to 90 degrees

The LCD screen also tilts 90 degrees.  So you can actually take those low shots without bending or kneeling doing. Overhead shots isn't hit and miss anymore too. Too bad it doesn't tilt up to 180 degrees for those selfie shots!

The Wifi feature is one thing I really love about this camera.  I know there are a lot of very good camera phones, but digital cameras still take better pictures. But it is such a hassle to bring a bulky digicam everywhere, wait till you get home and then download all pics to your laptop and then enhance and then upload to your fave social media site like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  So many steps just to share with your friends what you had for lunch! Now,  since the camera is so small and light (it fits right in your pocket), you can just take it with you, shoot,  choose which picture is your favorite then send this thru wifi to your smart phone, tablet or laptop.  No wires, no fuss. Then you can choose to enhance the pics further or upload immediately to Instagram. You get good quality pictures all the time! You can write a blog post on the go just by using your phone! (which is exactly what I'm doing right now)

When the SA showed me a mother special feature which is the creative shot , I was sold!  In the Creative Shot mode, you point the camera to your subject, take a picture and then the smart camera will produce 5 different versions of your original shot with different filters and cropping styles applied. I love it!

SRP for this camera is almost php17,000 but if you pay in cash you can get it for only php15,000.
I know that this is not really a tech or gadget blog so I'm not really an expert about this, but I am just too excited about this product that I would like to share my thoughts about it.

I went down to the Canon Dealer on the 4th floor, and according to them I was their very fist buyer of this model. Yey me! It was bundled to include an 8Gb Micro SD Card and camera case. Too bad they had no 8 Gb available, they offered to give me 2 4Gbs instead but I insisted that I preferred the 8 Gb. 4Gb can get full very fast, I don't want the hassle of having to change the memory card in the middle of shooting. So my memory card is "to follow". They did let me borrow 1 4GB card and promised to contact me once the 8Gb is available.

I have been using it for 2 days now and I have to tell you guys, I just love it! It is so convenient to bring along, so light and compact. The picture quality is superb, and it also takes videos in full HD. (attention vloggers!)

Here are some pics I took with this wonderful camera:

original picture

Here's another batch:

Original Picture

How beautiful the creative shots are? It also crops the picture on its own. It's just genius that way!

By the way, when we bought this camera, we also got and EOS red cap and a Timex watch. Great deal huh?

Just to give you an idea just how compact it is, here's a selfie shot that I took with me holding the Canon Powershot N (with a monopod stuck to it). I told you it was small. Perfect for bloggers and vloggers. We can sneak this baby in anywhere! haha.. 

By the way, the beautiful creative shots were shot in Studio Namu located in 4F Sir Thomas Sq Bldg. 18Matalino St. Diliman QC (behind KFC). TEL (02) 391-6506, 928-3180 It is actually a quaint Korean-Style One-Stop Indoor Classy Studio. Perfect for prenup and other portrait shoots.

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