Midnight Stop at McDonald's

Last night hubby and I got caught in the terrible traffic jam everyone was complaining about.  Being home based for more than six months now, that daily commute from Marikina to Makati is one thing I don't miss.  As much as possible we try our best to avoid the rush hour Yesterday though we had a number of errands to do in the Makati area so we  had no choice. 

The rain started at about 5 pm and it wasn't even that hard, but apparently it was enough to flood all the major thoroughfares of Metro Manila! 

We saw fb posts from friends complaining about the dire state of EDSA so we tried C5. Sadly,  C5 was no different. It took us two hours just to get from Taguig to Libis. 

By the time we got to Libis I had a terrible headache and backache and hubby was suffering from leg cramps.  We were both crabby. We decided to stop by McDonald's for coffee.  There were a lot of people were there too, stranded because of the terrible traffic.  

The freshly brewed coffee helped a lot!  We also ordered a cinnamon roll (P60) and mango crumble muffin (P58) from  McCafe to go with our coffee.

Cinnamon Roll
Mango Crumble Muffin with my favorite brewed coffee

After our short midnight stop, we were recharged and ready to go back on our way. Thanks McDonald's for coming to our rescue and for caring for weary travelers like us.  :) 

Coffee + pastries = smiles!

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