Sampling Kenny Roger's Pork Belly Plate


It has been some time since Berto and I ate at Kenny Roger's. Ever since our little girl developed a liking to KFC, it has been the only restaurant we go to whenever we are out. Hubby even joked about growing wings from all the chicken we have been eating. Last weekend, we had an event in the south area and on the way home, we stopped by Festival Mall for dinner and to buy some things for Berto's outing with photographer friends. We decided to try Kenny's Pork Belly Plate.


It costs P235 and is served with your choice of rice, 2 side dishes, pork belly sauce and muffin. Drinks are ordered separately at P45-P50. The serving was generous. There were 3 big slices of the pork belly. I was still sick so I couldn't really taste my food, but Berto said it was very tasty. The pork skin was very crunchy as well, which is great! Too bad they didn't give us another helping of the sauce. They said they already ran out but I doubt it. They did however offer to give us gravy instead but we said no thank you. It's just not the same.


After dinner, I drank my medicines. The yellow ones are for my cough and colds while the red one is Medicol Advance for my severe back pain. =( It has been bothering me for almost three weeks now. At frist,  I thought it's just the usual lower back pain due to physical activities, but massages or rest only provides temporary relief. Now I resort to Ibuprofen to ease the pain. Tsk. Will have to get this checked up once Berto comes back from his trip. 

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