Berto: Back from Majayjay Laguna

Berto's finally back from Majayjay, Laguna, woot! This is the third time this year that we've been away from each other. The first time was when I went to Ilocos with my friends, and the second time was when Berto was away for two days and went to Baler, Aurora with his fellow photographers from Wedding and Portrait Photographers of the Philippines (WPPP). This trip to Majayjay is also a trip organized by WPPP. The picture I used isn't one of Berto's. I still have to ask for some pics from him so I can post them here.

Photo by Richard
This time, the trip was only for a day and night. Berto surprised his girls by coming home earlier than expected! Woohoo! Call us corny, but we're never used to being apart for very long. I even asked him to leave his used shirt beside my pillow so I can smell him at night... yes, parang baby lang. hahaha.

We celebrated his homecoming by ordering KFC streetwise 6-pc chicken box and having instant noodles as soup (this is Bea's current favorite).

Together again! yey! Will post some of Berto's pics from his Majayjay trip soon!

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