I GoBigger and GoBetter with Globe

This year, my life went through so many changes. I quit my job, tried my hand at working from home, decided to try surviving without a nanny for my daughter and go full time with our photography business.  I must admit there are days when I feel I have so much on my plate, juggling too many balls, and overwhelmed with the daily tasks to be done.

There are days when there are just too many things to do! Aside from wifey and mommy duties, there are the inquiries from potential clients I need to reply to. There are days when my cellphone just won’t stop ringing and beeping! Sometimes calls come when I am in the middle of something and I miss them.  I have no other choice but to call clients back. Some clients would rather discuss photography packages through text messages. Do you have any idea  how long it takes to explain inclusions in our different photography packages through texts? For just one client, I’d have to send so many texts! And I have to reply to several inquiries in a day! You can only imagine how much I spend with prepaid load. I needed to look for a better solution to limit my phone costs.

Thankfully, only Globe Prepaid gives me Bigger and Better unli offers.

Go Bigger
GoCALL100 gives me more call minutes (500 mins) VS Competitors offer (200 mins). No need to use prefix to enjoy unlicalls.
– With GoUNLI30, I get real unlimited service with unli allnetwork texts, unli calls to Globe TM, plus the real UNLI-chat experience with the best apps available. It’s the real deal compared to competitor’s UNLI offer.

Go Better
- GoUNLITXT49 gives me the same UNLI texts to Globe/TM at a BETTER prices VS Competitors offer.
– With GoUNLI25, I get real unlimited service w/ unli Globe/TM calls and texts, plus unli Viber chat to the rest of my friends. It’s the real deal compared to competitor’s UNLI offer.

Which brings me to the question: should I GoBigger or GoBetter? After going through these offers, I’ve decided to GoBigger!  I think GoUnli30 is perfect for me, I can answer all the client’s inquiries through text messages (for all networks!)  or call them without thinking of my load balance (Globe / TM). I can explain to them fully the inclusions of our packages and hopefully close the deals with just as little as P30 a day! Cutting back on daily costs is very important for a business  owner like me who’s just starting out.

My husband and I have been loyal Globe Prepaid Subscribers since the very beginning, and we’ve been loyal to Globe ever since! So I think it’s just right that I take my husband with me to watch Runner, Runner should I win in this Globe Prepaid Promo.  He’ll surely love it!

You can either try to GoBigger or GoBetter  depending on your needs, and get value for your money! 

How about you guys? Would your rather GoBigger or GoBetter? Find something that will suit your needs and try it out!

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