Kwala's Day Out: Pizza, Pasta and OTJ with Friends

On the first Sunday of the month, my college friends and I met for a much needed day out. We decided to meet at the St. Pio Church in Libis to hear mass together. Sadly I wasn’t able to make it since the temporary nanny that we got for Bea arrived late. =(

Berto and I met my friends in the parking lot and I joined them there. Apple, Hazelle, Che, Pinky, Rhona and I have been friends since our college days in Miriam College; but our paths have somehow crossed way before that. Che and I have been classmates in grade school, while Pinky was my classmate in high school. Rhona’s cousin was my sister’s best friend. Apple and Hazelle were also classmates in high school. We have been together through most adventures in college: through hard exams, free cuts and terror teachers. Now, we are further bound together by being kumares for life, standing as godmothers for our children. We used to just meet at least twice a year, for our barkada anniversary in July (just us girls) and for our annual Christmas party (with our families). This year, we’ve so many times, not that I’m complaining! I do love these girls, and I really enjoy the chika and laughter. Correction, we don’t just laugh, when we get together, hagalpakan ng halakhakan! Hahaha! Too bad Rhona has since migrated to the states so we haven’t been actually complete for years. Maybe next year? =)

Back to my story, Pinky couldn’t make it so it was just us four.  We still had time for lunch before our movie so we went in Ristorante Bigoli in Eastwood City. It’s a nice place that serves Italian fare. We ordered  the 4-pc Italian Chicken Platter – P250. We also each ordered Pasta and Pepperoni Pizza Combinazione. You get a slice of pepperoni pizza plus a pasta dish of our choice. You can choose among Spaghetti Bolognese, Fettuccine Alfredo and Spaghetti al Pesto.  Prices range from P135-P150 depending on your pasta dish. I chose my favorite, Spaghetti al Pesto. The chicken and pasta was delicious! The pasta was just ok for me. 

We then proceeded to see our movie. We decided to watch OTJ. This was sort of a compromise. The other girls loved to watch Filipino movies, me, not so much. I’ve been burned so many times before. I just end up tsk, tsking the whole movie, thinking how I’ve been robbed, how the movie is just not worth it. For OTJ, I had to make an exception. I heard  the movie won foreign awards and was graded A by the film board. I decided to give it a shot, if it turns out bad, at least I got to spend time with my friends.

Boy, was I glad I let myself talked into watching OTJ! It was a beautiful movie, in all aspects! The actors were great! Even those stars who got only a few minutes exposure shone! Joel Torre: OMG! I’ve always been a fan, this movie gives me more reason for being one!  Gerald Anderson: I never knew he could act, he did great in this movie! Piolo Pascual: Well, I’m still not a fan, but he also acted well. The only thing that bothered me was Joey Marquez. His acting was ok, his sincerity was obvious and vital in the movie.  It’s his voice that I found distracting… and annoying. The whole movie was great! Go see it!

After the movie, my friends and I decided to go for coffee and doughnuts. We went to J.Co Doughnuts. As usual the long line was irritating. Ugh! We each ordered an Al Capone doughnut plus coffee. I also ordered a dozen doughnuts to take home to Berto. More chika about the movie and plans for our next get together.

 At around five, we wrapped up our fun day together. Day off lang ang peg. 

Berto was already waiting for me in the nearby CBTL. When he saw the box I was carrying, he instantly forgave me for leaving him alone the whole day. (hehe) He loved my pasalubong for him and couldn’t wait to eat them with McDonald’s brewed coffee, our favorite! 

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