SOLVED: WIFI Connection Problems with Samsung Galaxy S4

My dependable Samsung Galaxy S3, which has served me so well in the past, has been showing signs of wear and tear in the past months. The upper part of the screen turns dark after hours of use, battery life is more horrible than usual and is has developed a crack on its lower casing (mini usb port). I am not usually one to sell my old mobiles just to upgrade. My old cell phones are still with me, rotting away somewhere in the house. I just get too attached. This time though, I decided to sell my S3 while it still has SOME value. 

I have no intention to upgrade. I'm perfectly happy with my Samsung Galaxy S3, but it seems absurd to sell my old unit to buy the exactly same old model. So I decided to just but the newer model, the Samsung Galaxy S4. To be honest, I feel the updgrades are barely noticeable, save for the 13megapixel camera from the S3's 8 megapixel camera. I was just afraid my old phone would die on me, and that would just be unacceptable!

So I went home with the new phone, all happy and excited. I immediately tried to connect to our wifi router to download my apps. My new phone detected the router instantly, but as I was trying to connect, it got stuck on "Obtaining IP Address...". I tried everything! I restarted the phone, restarted the router, even reset the phone back to factory settings, to no avail! I was so frustrated! I tried to google the problem and apparently, Samsung acknowledged that there was indeed an issue with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and connecting to certain wifi routers. Ay naku! Buyer's remorse immediately set in! 

I found a solution online, apparently I had to update my router's firmware... and I had no idea how to do that!!

The next day, I immediately called PLDT, and the customer service patiently listened to my rantings. I asked him if they received complaints about Samsung S4 and wifi connections. He said yes, apparently the Samsung S4's system is so hi-tech, the router's firmware needs to be updated to recognize it in the system. 

The wonderful thing is, he updated the firmware remotely! He restarted the router and updated it from where he is. Amazing! And hassle-free! =)

After a few minutes, I tested the connection again and I was immediately able to connect! Woot woot! 

For those having similar wifi connection problems between the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the PLDT Prolink H5004N wireless router, don't worry. Here's the solution, just call the PLDT customer service hotline 171 and report the problem, they'll do everything from their end. And you'll be downloading and surfing again in no time!

Problem solved!

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