Laptop Trouble

I've been wanting to update our blogs more,  but we've been having laptop troubles for the past month now.  Berto's laptop is younger than mine by a year,  sadly though it conked out on us already. So we've been sharing a laptop.  Being photographers who do heavy post processing, this is a big hassle!  We now take turns in using the laptop and sadly business comes first and blogging second.

It all started when his laptop begun to run so slowly  or hang in the middle of a project.  Hubby initially tried to just make it work but it got so annoying that he decided to just have it reformatted (thinking that a virus got to it.) we had it reformatted but it was still so slow, so we upgraded the memory.  It helped for a while until it developed booting problems.  Windows won't load.  So now we're thinking it's a hardware problem.  Argh! 

We'll bring it to a technician tomorrow.  For now I'm trying blogging thru my Samsung Note 8 while Berto is still hogging the laptop. 

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