How To Book A Hotel Room at the Hotel H2O, Manila

Berto and Kwala at Hotel H2O

Last week, Berto and I celebrated our anniversary. We decided we wanted to spend some quality time together, alone. Yep, for the first time in a very long while, we decided to leave the little one behind for just one night.

The first order of business, where should we go. Berto and I love to go on road trips. We sometimes enjoy the trip more than the time we spend at the destination itself. We automatically decided a road trip is the way to go. But where should we go? Our choices were down to Tagaytay, Subic  or good ole Manila. The day before our anniversary, hubby wasn’t feeling too well. I reasoned that he won’t enjoy a long drive, so much to our disappointment we opted to just stay within Manila. We agreed that although Manila hotels charge a bit more, we should also consider the fuel we saved for forgoing a long drive.

Next, we had to decide which hotel should we book. I really wanted to stay in Manila Hotel, but it was just too expensive, they didn’t have running promos at that time. Berto remembered that his cousin got married in one of the hotels along Roxas Blvd. The hotel has a good view of Manila Bay, plus the rates are really affordable! We went to the website www.booking.com and was about to book a room when out on a whim, I decided to check out Hotel H2O.

A few years ago, we got the chance to stay at Hotel H2O when my sister took us along their office summer staycation. That time, we got an aquarium room where one side of the room is one huge aquarium. This time, I thought a bayview room would be more romantic. An overnight stay plus a buffet breakfast costs P4,800 plus sales tax and service charge, net amount is P5,856. I booked it! They didn’t charge my credit card just yet, but they did ask for the credit card information just for assurance. We will still pay at the hotel. At the last minute, I decided to check the hotel website. I was shocked when I saw the rooms’ published rates. They were double sometimes triple the price at booking.com. I clicked on reserve now and was brought to the reservations page. Apparently they always had a promo going on. I saw the bayview room and it costs the same as the one on the booking.com website, same terms and additional charges. It  was aptly called the Best Available Rate with Buffet Breakfast for 2. (true, promise!) I decided to just book at the Hotel H2O website, just so I wouldn’t have to deal with a third party. 

I went ahead and booked the bayview room. I got a confirmation mail, and I was happy. BOOKED! We are actually going to celebrate our anniversary at the hotel! I even emailed the reservations office, requesting for an anniversary greeting on the TV in our room. =)

After a while, I noticed website had another option. It was called the Last Minute Special Full Prepayment rate. This option costs only P4,320 ++. Total cost is P5,270.40. Cheaper than the rate I just booked, for the same room! Waaaah! I wanted to pull my hair out! The only difference was that they’d charge my card immediately, instead of just holding the info for security.  It’s ok with me. We were sure with our booking, I didn't mind if they charged my card now, I want the extra discount!!!

I immediately called the hotel… at 12:30am. Understandably, they front desk told me he couldn’t do anything about it. He advised me to call the reservation office in the morning. 

At promptly 9:00am I called, the phone was answered by Ms. Nicole. I told her about my predicament. She asked me to call back, since her supervisor is not yet there. I called her two times more before I finally got an answer, she told me they would accommodate my request, and that I should only go back to the website and modify my booking! Woot woot! The practical girl in me rejoiced! We saved a couple of hundred of pesos! It was definitely a sign of great things to come!! 

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