My Birthday Celebration 2013

Last November, I turned a year older. I’m not one to throw a party for myself to celebrate. I do want to feel really special on my special day. I’m not picky, a dinner date plus something from National Bookstore would make me a very happy girl! Give me something from Fully Booked and I’d be even happier! 

Days before my birthday, Bea kept on bugging me if we can check into a hotel and swim in the pool, just like what we did last year. Although I didn’t want to spend much on my day, I had to relent. Bea just had heart into it! We checked-in a simple hotel near our area, and let Bea splash around in the tub till she tired herself out. =) Bea swam / splashed while Berto and I watched Fast and Furious 6 on DVD. (Little did we know that this would be a premonition of sorts since Paul Walker died 2 days later. )

Our simple feast.

The next day, on the way home, we passed by the White Plains area in Quezon City and bought Pancit Malabon (P230 for the smallest bilao), Maning’s Lechon Pugon (delicious oven-baked lechon at P630 per kilo for classic flavor and P640 per kilo for adobo flavored) and Jacinta’s Kutchinta(really yummy since they are topped with langka, around P90 for a box of 9). I opted not to buy any cake. I thought I’d just put a candle on one of the kutchintas. =) 

Jacinta's Kutchinta instead of cake

We went home and had dinner with our family. My sister gave me a big tub of Nathaniel’s Buko Pandan. It was the first time I ever tried their Buko Pandan, and it was soooo heavenly!
So that’s how I celebrated my birthday, with my family, with people who matter most in my life.  =)

Contact info:

Maning’s Lechon Pugon and Jacinta’s Kutchinta
83 Katipunan Road, White Plains Quezon City
0917-7213411 / (02) 502-0390

Nathaniel’s (order online, click the link)
ITC Commercial Bldg, Timog Avenue, Quezon City
Store Hours:
Mon - Sat: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

By the way, I was so tickled when I went to Google Search on my laptop and found the Google word shaped like cakes. I wondered what was the event for the day, birthday of a famous baker? Founding of a known pastry? When I passed my mouse on the page, I found Google greeting me!! *Kilig*

Happy Birthday from Google!

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