More than a month passed without a blog entry. Tsk tsk tsk. There goes my resolution to blog more often and more regularly. As I mentioned in my last post, Berto’s laptop problems caused us so much trouble. Imagine 2 photographers with tons of post processing to do, having to share one 4-year old laptop which also has its own quirks and lags.

Anyway, just an update. We finally decided to have hubby’s hard drive replaced, memory increased and everything else reformatted. We finally had it running by the third week of October.

I thought our creative life was going back to normal, and I can blog again. (no more Berto’s hogging the laptop!) then something really big happened. I mean really BIG! We’ve been hoping for this for almost years now and finally, progress! I can’t share it just yet, I’m too afraid to jinx it, but let me just say that it has a big impact in the future of our family. Nothing’s final yet, but we’re almost there. Law of attraction. *wink* I will share once we get the good news we're waiting for.

By the way, I turned another year older  and hopefully wiser last week. I wasns’t as happy and giddy as I was last year, but I was more grateful and appreciative though. I told you….wiser. hehe.

Will post my birthday kwento soon. In the mean time, I'm posting a happy photo of me with my Canon 5D MarkII! 

Please… blogging mojo…. Stay this time! =)

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