Happy 2014!

Hello guys! One week into the new year!  Wow that was fast!  Berto and I have so many adventures to share,  we don't know where to start.  Hehe. 

As posted in my other blog,  I have several goals for this year,  namely organization, home management and fitness.  As part of my organization and (mental)  fitness,  I really do have to step up my blogging routine to declutter my brain and my phone/camera/laptop of digital files I've kept through time with the intention of blogging about our adventures.  

I'm going to blog more often and more regularly.  There. I've said so many times and I'm saying it again.  Failure in the past must be taken as a challenge for the future right? 

So happy new year dear friends! Let's claim this year as the year when all our dreams will come true! :) 

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