Simple and Easy Lechon Paksiw Recipe

Lechon Kawali

We often find ourselves rushed during lunch time. When we have enough time, we do cook proper meals but when we're pressed for time (or when we're feeling lazy) we just buy home-cooked meals in the nearby kitchenette. Lechon Kawali or fried liempo is a favorite, it's not that healthy but it tastes good. When we do buy this dish, we often have to buy one or two more dishes with soup or sauces because fried liempo tends to be too dry.

Then, Berto found this really easy way to "recycle" this dish into Lechon Paksiw, and added his own twist to it. Here's the super simple, easy and fast recipe for Lechon Paksiw:

How to cook Lechon Paksiw (Pork Stewed in a Tangy Liver Sauce)


250 g           Lechon Kawali or Fried Liempo, cut into serving pieces (in our case, 3 orders)  =)
1 cup           Water
1 bottle        Sarsa ni Mang Tomas (Lechon Sauce)
1 tbsp          Vinegar
1 pc             Bayleaf
1/2 tsp         Peppercorns
1 1/2 tbsp    Sugar
1 clove        Garlic 


In a saucepan or small pot, saute garlic until slightly brown. Combine the rest of ingredients and cook over medium flame. Boil for three minutes.

Lower the heat and simmer for 30 minutes or until desired thickness of the sauce is achieved. If you want a thicker sauce, you may add cornstarch dissolved in water. Stir constantly. You may also season with salt, as desired.

Tadah! Serve with lots of rice! 

Super simple and easy to make, but super yummy Lechon Paksiw

I told you this dish is so easy and fast to do! Even our picky eater Bea loves this dish!  Go ahead, and try it. Enjoy!

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