Weekly Round Up 2014: 1/52 Jan 1 - 5

1/52 Jan 1-5

As part of my effort to try to blog more regularly,  I'm going to launch a new series in my blog: my weekly round up.  In Instagram I joined the photo a day challenge.  Weekly,  I will post those photos here and talk about them a bit more. 

Today,  I'm posting my week 1.

Day 1 - Happy New Year!  Here's a photo of our round fruits.  It is a typical Filipino tradition to collect 12 round fruits for Luck. 

Day 2 -  a photo of my planners.  I really want to be more organized this year.  Hopefully my planners will help me with that goal.  My Fino planner was a gift from Berto while the Starbucks planner was a Christmas gift from my sister.

Day 3- I cooked!  Before 2013 ended last year,  I bought several cookbooks.  I intend to try and cook more this year.  I started with Tinolang Baboy.  Tinola has always been my favorite but lately I haven't been able to eat any because of Bea's chicken allergy.

Day 4 -  family bonding over McDonald's delivery.  Bea has been asking for pancakes,  hashbrown and hot chocolate from McDo and I finally gave in and ordered breakfast.  She deserves a treat on a Saturday before classes resume.

Day 5 - cleaning supples.  Bea and I went grocery shopping last Sunday.  We bought her snacks for school.  I also bought cleaning supplies.  We let our regular cleaning lady go so I have no choice but to add cleaning to my housekeeping repertoire.  :)

'till next week for my next weekly round up ;) 

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