Western Union, Convenient Way To Send Money

I never thought of myself as an OFW. I knew I couldn't bear to be away from my family for long periods of time. I admire friends who either are OFWs themselves or have family who are. Unlike them, I didn't expect monthly remittances so I was not really aware of Western Union and the services they offered. When I was still in the Philippines, I get my adsense income through Western Union, but other than that, I never tried receiving or sending money through them.

Now that we're in Edmonton, I wanted/needed to send some money back home. The amount is not much, so I wanted the most affordable way to send money to the Philippines. I decided to try Western Union. I just dropped by a nearby Money Mart branch. The lady in the branch was kind enough to help me set up an account with them. That way, the next time I want to send money, I'd just give them my mobile phone number and they'd have access to my account details instantly. Fees are pretty ok too.. If you're sending money less than $500 the fee is just 9.50 and the beneficiary will get the money within minutes! If you're sending $500 to $1,000 fees are only $10. I didn't ask the fees for higher amounts hehe...

I've been sending money safely to family back home. The experience has been a pretty convenient one. There are many Money Mart branches near our house, There are also other Western Union agents nearby, I just prefer Money Mart for the longer store hours they have. Highly recommended!

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