Southgate Center Mall, Fido Solutions and Family Reunions - Our First Weekend in Canada

We arrived in Edmonton on a Friday night. We spent the next day mostly sleeping and catching up with family. My brother-in-law and his lovely wife were kind enough to take us in. Bea had a wonderful time with her cousins. Back home, she only got to play with some children in the neighborhood since her cousins lived far from us. On our first Sunday, we heard mass at the nearby parish, St. Theresa's Roman Catholic Parish.  My other brother-in-law drove us there while we heard mass with my mother-in-law. Thank goodness for hubby's family! If they weren't there to guide us, we would have been at a loss!

Next order of business, lunch at the Southgate Center Mall

We went and tried Koryo Korean Bbq, MIL's treat. It was delicious!!! They had big servings too. Too bad I forgot to take pictures for the blog, I was just too hungry! Haha.

While at the mall, Berto and I thought of getting our cellphones activated. We didn't avail of Globe's roaming services since we found it too limited and expensive to maintain. Anyway, we had viber and facebook to communicate with family back home. If we were to apply for work here in Edmonton, we need an affordable and reliable mobile service. All hubby's family had Bell for their mobile services while my cousin in BC had FIDO. We weren't sure which to get. I didn't really have a particular brand in mind, as long as the mobile packages they offer is good. We shopped around the mall for a while, looking into Chatr, Bell, Rogers, Virgin and Wind but we still ended up geting FIDO. They offered the best affordable mobile services, plus data. They also gave us a 10% discount off our bills since we brought our own cellphones. Great deal! I got the $34 plan which included 200 minutes of call from 7am to 5pm, unlimited calls at night and weekends, 50 MB data, unlimited calls within canada, unlimited texts both local and international, voicemail and caller ID. Some of these services you'd have to pay extra to avail but FIDO had it all bundled up in one package!  Hubby got the higher $44 plan with more minutes and data. So far so good. We got a great deal, reception is wonderful, customer service is great. We made the right decision going with FIDO!

Anyway, after buying the sim cards, we went on our rounds, dropping by other family's homes, bringing over our pasalubongs. We bought Eng Bee Tin hopias and tikoy along with other knick-knacks. Every stop entailed some chitchat and a lot of eating! Haha.

By the time we went on our way home, Bea was so tired she fell asleep in the car! Too much excitement for one day I guess. =)

Image from calforex.com and fido.com

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