Easy Recipe for Scrambled Eggs with Herbs

Saturday is a special day for me. After a 5 grueling days in school, it is a welcome break for me. Um, not really a break break, more a reprieve from school, and time to focus on household chores.  Although, Berto encourages me to sleep in, I still wake up early to prepare his breakfast and lunch for work.

I also need to get the dirty clothes ready for laundry. This has always been a cause of stress for me because I'd want to be able to go to our building's laundry room and find both washing machines available.  There were few times when I'd find the machines occupied and then I had to go back and check on the machines again a couple of times to make sure they're available already.  This can be a hassle since our laundry room is a floor above our apartment..meaning early morning cardio exercise for me.  Thankfully,  last Saturday,  both machines were available. 

While waiting for the laundry,  I decided to treat myself to a special breakfast. This is the only day I can prepare my breakfast and actually sit down and eat slowly, in peace. There's Sunday brunch too but Berto's in charge of that.

I love scrambled eggs.  I wouldn't eat my eggs any other way.  I decided to try  something different though. I decided to add some herbs.  I came up with a delicious egg dish that is so easy to make.


2 eggs (whipped)
Pinch of salt and pepper
Pinch of dried oregano
Pinch of dried thyme
4 tablespoons milk
Parmesan cheese


Whip eggs is a bowl.  Add milk,  salt and pepper.  In a skillet,  add a bit of oil or butter if you want additional creaminess.  Add the egg mixture.  While the bottom part of the egg is cooking sprinkle dried thyme and oregano all over.  Also,  scattter parmesan cheese all over.  Mix and turn egg mixture as you would usually do with scrambled eggs.

The result: yummy goodness with additional kick of the spices.  Extra special  breakfast indeed.  I made it again today (Sunday) so that Berto can taste it.  He loved it!  I guess my special scrambled eggs with herbs will be a staple in our Sunday brunches as well.

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