Temporarily Offline

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Today,  I just wanted to kick myself in my a$$!  I was so frustrated! Imagine my dismay when I discovered I lost my domain subscription just as I was getting my blogging mojo back. Argh!  Since our move to Canada,  I haven't set up our paypal account. I've already cut off our credit cards from the Philippines and I have not yet connected our credit card here to our paypal account. My domain subscription bills are charged directly to Paypal.

Although I vaguely remember getting an email reminder about the bertoandkwala.com domain due for renewal,  I didn't really pay much attention since  I knew I had everything set up already.  It was supposed to renew automatically. When this happened 2years ago to our photography site,  I thought I already learned my lesson.  Yes,  you read right.  This gross negligence of mine has already happened once before, and yes I also paid the obscene charges just to keep my domain of choice.

Call it OC behaviour,  or just simple fondness for my domain,  I just felt I had to keep my little corner of webspace.  I considered getting a .net or a .ca instead,  but I still go back to my original domain. Believe me this "fondness" cost a lot of moolah!  The company charged for the usual renewal charge,  plus a redemption package costing more than 5 times the regular rate. Since I already owned this expired  domain for so many years,  the domain masters assumed I'd want it back desperately.  They assumed correct of course.  Did they take advantage of my situation? Hell yeah!  Who's fault was it?  Mine.

Although I was temporarily offline for a few hours yesterday,  I've gotten our name back (Berto came to the rescue when he saw me moping around the house).  I really have to push myself to publish more, not that this blog is actually earning a lot, but it makes me happy.  I have to prove to Berto that this blog is worth his "investment".  :) 

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