Dinosaur Unearthed Exhibit at the Telus World of Science

Yesterday was Victoria Day here in Canada, a holiday.  We were so grateful for the chance to rest and be together longer.  Weekends always seem too short.  We wanted to go for a trip to Calgary,  Jasper maybe, we also received invitations to join different groups of people camping.  It was pretty obvious everybody was bent on enjoying the long weekend.  Since Bea was still a bit sick,  we decided to just stay within the Edmonton city limits.

Last month,  we went to see the Indiana Jones exhibit in the Telus World of Science. Last May 15, TWOSE started the Dinosaur Unearthed Exhibit,  featuring dinosaurs from North America and Asia. They also have full-scale skeletons on display.  They also have actual fossils that helpful assistants let us touch.

Dinosaur Teeth 

Dinosaur Poop

They looked scary.  What I found amusing though was that many of them were furry!  I thought they were all hard and scaly,  but apparently some had feathers.  In fact, current descendants of dinosaurs include birds and chicken! And a few million years ago,  they actually roamed Alberta,  Canada! Wow! 

After the exhibit,  you can also check out the 3D IMAX movie the have playing about,  what else?  Dinosaurs! 

Check out the exhibit with the whole family! 

Below are the rates:

PublicTWOSE Members
Adult (18+)                                                                  $26.50 $9.95
Child (3-12)                                                                 $19.50$7.95
Youth (13-17)                                                             $ 23.50$8.95
Senior (65+)                                                               $ 23.50$8.95
Student (with ID)                                                       $ 23.50$8.95

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