Happy Anniversary Berto and Kwala

I can't believe it has been 14 married years already, plus 8 years of being together. Berto and I have definitely been through a lot. No need to bore you guys with all the boring details of our fights, some petty, some  huge; the important thing is that we always make up in the end. Our life has been one big adventure, a big roller coaster ride. What counts is that we face life's surprises together.

At different points in our lives, we found ourselves unhappy, lost, dissatisfied, in career limbo, with family problems. It was hard, and it meant the world to have each other to give support and comfort. There are lots of good times as well,  and celebrating is that much more enjoyable with someone who's been with you from the very beginning.

Now, we're in a foreign country and like many others before us,  we have to start from scratch. People are amazed just how fast we've adapted. For us, it's easy because we see it as just another chapter of our big adventure. We were anxious, but we're together and that's enough. We see it  as a second chance, a chance for new beginnings.

Here's to more adventures together. 

Thanks for being best friend,  my number one fan and my loudest cheerleader. Thanks for supporting me and my dreams.  I'll always be here to do the same for you. Here's to looking forward to more shared adventures with you!

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