Our Free Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 from TD Canada Trust

When we first arrived here in Edmonton last year,  we didn't know any banks.  As immigrants,  we were expected to have enough funds to support our family as we get settled in.  We didn't want those funds just lying around in the house,  we knew we needed to open a bank account as soon as possible. When we asked hubby's family members,  most of them were banking with  TD Canada Trust.  It is open 7 days a week and has extended hours,  plus they have so many branches scattered around the city. So we decided to open an account with TD too.

The guy who assisted us suggested that we open an account perfect for immigrants.  The minimum was $3,500,  we get unlimited number transactions a month and we get a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.  As happy as this made us,  we came to Canada with all our gadgets.  2 laptops and 2 tablets plus our phones.  We thought we didn't need any more gadgets. So the TD guys gave us another option.  We can say no to the free tablet,  and get another deal instead.  With this account,  if our money falls below the minimum,  we get a bank charge of around $15. He offered to waive that charge for 6 months.  We thought it was a great idea and opted for that deal. 

However,  when our funds did fall below the minumum about,  I noticed they charged us with the fee.  I tried to contact the guy who assisted us but I  couldn't reach him.  So I sent him an email.  The following month,  it happened again. That's almost $30! I decided to just walk in the bank and look for the man, but apparently he's not working there anymore!

I walked up to a teller and told her our predicament.  She said the best thing she can advise us was to convert our account to a regular chequing account with a minimum balance of $1,500. If balance falls below that the charge is just $3.95. I did just that, but I still felt bad about the $30 we lost.  I felt we were duped.  

Anyway,  imagine our surprise when a few months after that,  we got a package in the mail.  It contained a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4! Whoah! I guess they figured out the mix up,  and decided to correct it by sending us the tablet.  :) 

Guess who's the lucky girl who got (grabbed)  ownership of a new gadget,  after she insisted we didn't need any more gadgets?  Lucky me! 

So here she is,  my new blogging  buddy "Tabby".  

Of course I just had to have a cover with my new tablet. I tried looking for one in different stores.  Oh boy,  they are expensive. It made me miss the Philippines' Digibabe store or the Greenhills tiangge stalls where we always got our affordable gadget accessories.  

I had no choice but to get a simple Samsung Book Cover that I found at The Source for $50. Tsk!  I also wanted to get a screen protector but I refused to shell out another $25! I just need to be extra careful with Tabby.

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