Edmonton's Mid-Autumn Festival 2015

Every week, we try to go somewhere to explore our new home, Edmonton. Last month, we decided to go to the Mid-Autumn Festival at the Churchill Square. The event's Facebook page describes  The Mid-Autumn Festival as follows:

The Mid-Autumn Festival is traditionally a harvest festival that revolves around the gathering of family and friends, giving thanks to the harvest, and wishing for longevity, good fortune, and happiness. It is often celebrated with mooncake, lanterns, and reunions.

After Berto's work, we all trouped to Churchill Square Downtown to watch the magical lanterns float on the wading pool in front of the City Hall.

There were also stalls that sold mooncakes and talked about martial arts, riddles and lantern-making. Since we're talking about a Chinese festival, can a dragon dance be far behind? It was a definitely loud and fun experience. 

Even Bea had a great time launching her own wishing boat too.

In an effort to get great shots, my Berto waded into the freezing pool! Brrr!

I am so grateful for times like these. Simple opportunities to bond and spend time as a family. I know my husband is making a big effort to do this, being tired and all, after working in a highly-stressful job.

I am also very grateful to the City of Edmonton for holding free events like this so that Edmontonians can enjoy our time with family, the diverse culture and the outdoors too! (while we still can).

On a side note, I am loving these shots taken by the Fujifilm X-A2, the "selfie camera". I know it has been a sort of bias now about asians loving to "selfie", but let me just say, it has done wonders for our family outings. We now get beautiful shots with everybody in the frame without the trial-and-error shots before the good one. Even my Canon-loyalist husband agrees. I will have to make a separate post about my new camera soon!

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