Spectac! 2016 Royal Canadian Circus

Strap & Silk Aerial Act 
Last Saturday, we went to the Edmonton Expo Centre to watch the Royal Canadian Cirus. It was our first time to watch a real live circus under an actual "big top"! It was a very rainy afternoon. Good thing I was able to buy tickets earlier online. The ticket booth also opened outside the tent, but considering the pouring rain that afternoon, it was definitely more convenient to have tickets ahead of time.

There were three choices for ticket prices: 
General Admission - $30
VIP Seating - $40
Ringside Seating - $50

We were glad to have the VIP seating! When we arrived at the venue, there was a long line leading to the tent. Seating were on a first come first served basis per category. Just as we took our places at the end of the line, there was a lady who was shouting, asking if there were anybody with Ringside or VIP tickets. We raised our hands and she led us ahead of the line. Apparently there was a special and much shorter line for premium ticket holders! When we got inside we were able to choose a good seat with a good view. 

Although I knew it wasn't really practical I wanted my daughter to have the "circus experience" so I asked hubby to buy circus food. Almost everything was $5. Hotdogs, popcorn, cotton candy. I think only the bottled water was $3. 
Next time, I'd probably try and sneak in at least the water. It was really very expensive!
Flying Trapeze
Kambarov Riderz

Chinese Pole Act
VIDELA Family Circus Clowns

Joseph Dominick Bauer

RINGMASTER & Daredevil

I read from somewhere that the circus is not at spectacular as it used to when they had exotic animals as part of the acts. I guess, concerns for the animals welfare trumps the fun factor of having more exotic animals in the circus. They still had horses though. It was a definitely a fun experience for kids. 

The Royal Canadian Circus is on tour this year:


Catch a show near your area! Check out their website for schedules and tickets here.

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