And So Life Begins....My Birthday!

I celebrated my third birthday in our new home country. I must admit, on my first two birthdays I was still caught up with the excitement of it all, the excitement of new things, new places, and new experiences. Everything was just happy, happy!

This year though, it was a bit different.
Was it because it was a milestone birthday? Or was it because the novelty of being immigrants in a new country has worn off? I just felt a bit down. For the first time, I seriously felt homesick! It didn't help that I had to go to work! In the Philippines, my birthday is a national holiday and it is always a non working day.

Here in Canada though, it's just a regular day. It was especially busy at my work too! It was my first birthday with this company, so I forgave them for forgetting to greet me. I did bring in cupcakes as a little celebration. :)

I am very thankful that I have a super sweet husband who literally went out of his way to make me feel special. During my birthday week, I was treated like a queen and was treated to several shopping sprees from the Body Shop, Peoples (!), Winners, Pandora, etc. How could I say no to that??? The week before I received a beautiful winter coat from my mother-in-law. I was so happy since it fit me perfectly and came in my favourite colour, purple!  At the back of my head though I was feeling a bit guilty since when he celebrated his birthday earlier in the year, it wasn't this extravagant really, and it was a milestone birthday for him too. Oh well.

He gave my the best surprise when he picked me up from work, and brought me to one last trip to Winner's and brought me boots-shopping.

Trying out one of the many high calf boots

I ended up finding a calf-high boots from Northface, It wasn't the most affordable choice but the quality looked really good.

We picked up the little one from daycare and proceeded to Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews Restaurant for dinner. Honestly, it was a typical Wednesday night but the place was packed! Many tables were celebrating birthdays, and I had to give hubby "the eye" just so he doesn't tell the waitress that it was my birthday too.

I had the salmon and chips, hubby had the whiskey river burger while the little one ordered meatballs. Bottomless sidedishes we ordered were french fries, steamed broccoli and mac 'n cheese. For bottomless drinks, hubby ordered the Freckled Lemonade while I had the Poppin' Purple Lemonade. Everything was absolutely delicious!

Just before turning in for the night, I had a simple traditional blowing of the birthday candles on top of red velvet cupcakes.

My heart if full. I am so grateful. Thank you Lord for my many blessings, especially my family.

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