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We call ourselves Berto and Kwala based on the characters from the Filipino classic movie Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang (Weighed But Found Wanting) by Lino Brocka. Some may find it weird to name ourselves from characters who played a leper and the village idiot who struck a solid friendship and eventually love, but sometimes that's exactly how we feel like... outcasts, happy within our own little world... you and me against the world. Plus we don't really mind making idiots of ourselves every now and then... hehe!

We've been together since highschool and now on our 12th year of marriage. Berto and I are bestfriends and partners in crime! I (Kwala), used to work in one of the best banks in the country while Berto worked in the front runner of the transportation industry. We both had flourishing careers, however work took so much of our time, mine especially! I would spend most of my time at work, go to work on weekends, even bring work home! Argh! Thankfully, our priorities changed when our precious Bea came into the picture. To say that our world was turned upside down is an understatement, in a good way, of course.

Now Berto and I decided to leave the corporate rat race and are pursuing one of our passions, photography! We've set up our own photography business and now have more flexible schedules, the opportunity to work from home and the blessing of more time with the family. I also now have more time with my blogs! 

 We love mostly the same things: food, travel and movies! Let us share our adventures with you through this blog!

Best friends and partners in crime

Let's connect! Drop us a line in the comment box below or shoot us an email  bertoandkwala@yahoo.com  =)

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